By booking MX Valencia Holidays you agree to the following conditions.

You must have sports insurance, we recommend using  word-first.co.uk   www.properlypro-tected.co.uk

We forbid any use of drugs.

In the event of any accident,you willnot seek to look for damages from MX Valencia holidays.

We do have dog if you do have any allergies please let us know in advance.

To secure your booking we require a deposit of £100 with the remaining amount to be paid on arrival

No refunds will be given in the event of non riding days or you cancel

All riders must at all times when riding have the correct kit,helmet,boots,googles so make sure you bring the correct gear

Any damages to our bikes through carelessness must be paid for. A £100 deposit will be taken in advance and returned if no damages exceed this amount

Wen you book with us you accept these terms and conditions